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Represent Your Nation | Virtual Pass

Honored Speakers: Israel's President Reuven Rivlin, Speaker of the Knesset Yariv Levin, Former US Representative and Co-Chair Michele Bachmann, JPB Co-Chair Robert Ilatov, and JPB Director Albert Veksler.

Event Schedule | June 9-10

Wednesday, June 9th

10:00-11:50 Knesset Reception (All-Access-Pass)

12:00-13:30 President’s Reception (All-Access-Pass)

14:00-17:00 JPB Learning Sessions I (Free)

19:00-21:00 Celebrate Jerusalem Concert (Free)

Thursday, June 10th

08:00-10:30 Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast (Breakfast-Pass; All-Access-Pass)

13:00-16:00 JPB Learning Sessions II (Free)

18:00-20:00 Festive Founders Dinner (All-Access-Pass)

Represent Your Nation
This Year in Jerusalem, Online

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